Water, The Malaysian Context.

Water, The Malaysian Context.

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Hey friends!


In the last year, we’ve experienced a host of water shortages and cuts due to mainly pollution problems impacting our reservoirs. I have decided to shed some light on what this resource means to our nation, and the country’s vision of our resource.


I would assume that most of you already know with the presence of vast rainforests, our country is rich in water resources. Rainforests are key towards providing quality water for life to thrive. They do not just provide catchment services but filtration and purification of water as well. We Malaysians by right should be paying so much more if these services had been accounted for. 


Malaysians are very concerned when there are issues with water supply as it impacts almost all sectors of the economy. Even if you do not need water to run your restaurant, you still would love to come home, wind down with a refreshing shower, or to rehydrate your body by drinking clean water.


However, Malaysians still are unaware of the role that they play in keeping this vital resource thriving. The nation is already in a water crisis, even if the media hasn’t directly stated it. We should already understand this based on recent events that have occurred in Selangor, and also in Johor. 


As much as we know the importance of our water resources, as Malaysians, are we doing enough to make sure that we are taking necessary steps to prevent unintended interruptions of this precious resource? In this day and age, it is time that we utilize our devices to gather evidence of pollution that can harm our water resource. What can we do?

  1. Report any case of littering into drains in your area.
  2. Snap pictures as proof.
  3. Send your complaints and evidence online at https://eaduan.doe.gov.my/eaduan/index.php 
  4. Educate yourself – where is your water coming from?
  5. Know the role that forests and hills play in providing clean water for you. 
  6. Get involved in river clean-ups to better understand the amount of pollution and stress our rivers actually go through (Do this by adhering the current SOP’s and stay safe). 


Hope you are all keeping safe and well. Til’ next time!


– Aarvin



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