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Bidding Farewell to 2019

  In case you’ve missed us, here’s a run through some of our events before we closed 2019! It was our first time in Kuala Kangsar on 15 December 2019 for the state’s Climate Action Event. The event involved vendors within the green industry to promote building sustainable living. The event was officiated by DYMM…
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Raising Awareness at Tin Alley

  We continue to build awareness among local communities of the benefits of eco-friendly single use alternatives versus the good ol’ plastic. Although plastic may be the easiest and most convenient option within reach, plastics also deal a great amount of damage to our environment that will inevitably affect our lifestyle in the long run.…
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09/27/2019 0

Going Green at the Mahabharata Carnival!

Last weekend, we had the privilege to showcase our sugarcane biodegradable and compostable packaging at the Mahabharata Food & Fun Fair.   Held on 10th August 2019 at the Ceylon Association of Perak, the charity fundraiser, organised by the Shri Dayanandaa Saraswati Society, offered a wide variety of local food and beverage, games, song and…
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Did you catch our feature on Ipoh Echo?

  Click here for the online version of the article!

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Our Ipoh Experience!

  Throughout the month of April, we had an opportunity to participate in the Ipoh Food Festival & Ipoh Coffee Festival 2019. It was CM ECO’s first exposure beyond Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, and we are grateful for the fruitful and exciting experience! We would also like to thank Ipoh Echo, for featuring us in…
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