Program: Circular Economy Series

The Circular Economy (CE) series is a 3-week program designed for SME business owners to help transition their own business into a circularly sustainable one that can compete on a global scale.

The 3 Modules

  1. Circularity: The 12Rs and Basic Theory
  2. LCT, LCA and the Concept of Decoupling
  3. Malaysia’s Initiatives and the Business Model Canvas

Our Value-Add Service

Our team is well-equipped to assist clients with data collection and analysis as well as copywriting for sustainability and ESG disclosure. 

Program: Monkey Habits Series

Monkey Habits is a 30-day habit development program tailored to cultivate eco-sustainable practices and habits in everyday life. 

These simple habits are meant to be easy to do, jiving between daily routines and existing commitments at home. 

Building the foundation blocks with baby steps that will last a lifetime.

The 5 Modules

  1. Water
  2. Energy
  3. Soil
  4. Waste Management
  5. Eating Sustainably


We are the first to cross the fundamentals of Behavorial Analysis and Environmental Education in Malaysia, thus bringing a truly different approach to instilling habits that will last for long term. 

The Programme has been meticulously designed and will be conducted by our dedicated and driven team, who are passionate about the environment and how we can conserve our Earth for survival of generations to come.

Our Trainers

grace chow
  • Lead Trainer

  • Behavior Analyst

  • 6 years of experience working with kids as a Special Needs Educator

  • 1-year experience with an NGO as a caseworker and mentor to under-privileged teenage girls (age range 11-18 years)

  • Graduated (Hons) in Psychology with HELP University

aarvin ratnam
  • Environmental Science Graduate of University of Nottingham Malaysia (2019)

  • Designed a hydroponic system together with a natural bio-filter to treat animal wastewater as a source of nutrient for urban farming during his internship as an Environmental Scientist at Elquator Sdn Bhd

  • First UNMC researcher in bio remediation of palm oil mill effluent using clams

  • Project leader of UNMC for RHB River of Live competition (Top 10)

vernon foo
  • Certified HRDF Corporate Trainer

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment by MRWED Australia

  • 3 years of experience delivering training in  Malaysia, Poland and India

  • Co-author of review paper, “The plastic waste problem in Malaysia: Management, recycling and disposal of local and global plastic waste” published in a journal under Springer Link’s SN Applied Sciences (2021)

  • Participated in collaborative programs with education partners; University of Nottingham Malaysia, HELP University, Sunway College Ipoh, SEGi University and AI Talent PDC


By participating in our Circular Economy and / or Monkey Habits program, you have accepted our invitation today for a call to action!

We propose a collaboration between CM ECO with YOU as caretakers of our land.

These curated programs are designed to facilitate the baby steps that we want to take to preserve our home. 

Get in touch with us to check for our next intake!

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