[LIVE] CM ECO is now on YouTube!

[LIVE] CM ECO is now on YouTube!

04/29/2020 YouTube 0


We are now on YouTube!


On our channel, you will find content, mainly categorized under 2 segments – Business, and Lifestyle.

In the business segment, we will share important and rather useful information that business owners need to know (primarily business owners that are based in Malaysia), and sometimes share some of our thoughts on the ongoing efforts enforced.

In the lifestyle segment, on the other hand, we will include content of interesting ways how we can each do our part to living a greener lifestyle, even from the comfort of our homes. We will also document ourselves trying out some of these ideas.


Sounds organized, ey? Trust me, we are just getting started and we promise to figure the rest out along the way.

So please support us by hitting the ‘like’ button if you like what you see, and do subscribe to our channel to embark on this journey with us!


Take care, stay safe and stay healthy.




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