Going Green at the Mahabharata Carnival!

Going Green at the Mahabharata Carnival!

08/12/2019 Biodegradable Packaging Compostable Packaging Feature 0
Last weekend, we had the privilege to showcase our sugarcane biodegradable and compostable packaging at the Mahabharata Food & Fun Fair.
Held on 10th August 2019 at the Ceylon Association of Perak, the charity fundraiser, organised by the Shri Dayanandaa Saraswati Society, offered a wide variety of local food and beverage, games, song and dance, to name a few.
The organizers had also took this opportunity to promote waste reduction (via reducing use of plastics) and even encouraged carnival goers to bring their own containers!

Seen in action, our BIO Lunch Boxes!

BIO Burger Boxes serving its purpose at the food stalls!



Thank you to Shri Dayanandaa Saraswati Society for having CM ECO at your event & for taking the initiative towards creating a greener environment!


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