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Simple Steps for Home Bokashi Composting System

The pandemic brought about a new normal for everyone. Having spent more time at home, many of us found new and interesting ways to stay occupied. One of the funky hobbies was home composting. Home composting provided a solution that not only helped reduce the amount of waste going to landfills but also created nutrient-rich…
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04/27/2023 0

Switch to Green: Packaging [ASEAN Access Webinar]

  Packaging is an inevitable part of our lives, and it surrounds us everywhere we go. While we can’t avoid it entirely, we can choose to be more conscious by opting for eco-friendly packaging options, such as those made from recycled or biodegradable materials. As a result, we can reduce the amount of waste that…
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03/09/2023 0

#GoGreen with CM ECO

It is always our pleasure to be able to have an organic conversation and bounce ideas with our community. On 28th April 2021, we had the privilege to have been invited on ClaireOrganics’ The Kindness Show. Hosted by its founder, Louise, it was an insightful exchange and heart-warming to see the interest and engagement of…
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06/13/2021 0

Building for Boundless Actions Nurtured Around Nature And Society

We are co-author of a review paper published in a journal under Springer Link’s SN Applied Sciences! We had met once before, bumping into each other with one of his former students, Aarvin, who was and now part of my team at CM ECO. When we first spoke about the work I did with my…
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04/27/2021 0

Water, The Malaysian Context.

  Hey friends!   In the last year, we’ve experienced a host of water shortages and cuts due to mainly pollution problems impacting our reservoirs. I have decided to shed some light on what this resource means to our nation, and the country’s vision of our resource.   I would assume that most of you…
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We are on SHOPEE!

You can now shop from us online on Shopee! We will be offering some of our most popular items on our CM ECO Shopee storefront to simplify your shopping process. Meanwhile, you can still reach out to us via Whatsapp / Email for inquiries on our full selection of products.   We would like to…
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06/27/2020 0

DID YOU KNOW: Enforcement & Penalties in Malaysia (2020)

Dear Malaysian Business Owners,   At the end of 2019, The Rakyat Post published an article, which highlighted the ban of single-use plastic straws. The first takeaway to note from this article is that single-use plastic bags, polystyrene food packaging as well as single-use plastic straws have been banned effective 1st January 2020.   This…
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06/03/2020 1

[LIVE] Eco-Living: Why Education Should Start with the Young | Coffee with CM ECO

  Welcome to our brand-new segment, Coffee with CM ECO! In this series, we invite a guest for each episode to chat about some burning questions when it comes to being environmentally aware and responsible. Our first guest – We speak to Ms. Grace Chow, a special needs educator and a very dear friend to…
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05/17/2020 0

[LIVE] CM ECO is now on YouTube!

  We are now on YouTube!   On our channel, you will find content, mainly categorized under 2 segments – Business, and Lifestyle. In the business segment, we will share important and rather useful information that business owners need to know (primarily business owners that are based in Malaysia), and sometimes share some of our…
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04/29/2020 0

DID YOU KNOW: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

We were overwhelmed when we first heard about the existence of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) – sounds grand, right? Well, it is certainly not something to be proud of.   In case you have not heard about the GPGP, here are some key highlights that you should know:     What is the…
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04/12/2020 1
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