Equating survivability and sustainability

Empowering SMEs and creating sustainable communities.

At CM ECO, we build for

Boundless Actions Nurtured Around Nature and Society
(B.A.N.A.N.A.S.) through:

Sustainability Programs & Consultancy

We offer sustainability programs pertaining to circular economy for SMEs and consultancy service for businesses who are ready to kickstart their sustainability journey within their organisation.


Eco-friendly Products

We provide a range of biodegradable takeaway food packaging that are made from natural materials such as sugarcane bagasse, starch, paper.

Our products cater for takeaway and catering – F&B operators, schools, and even home parties!


Awareness Campaign Roadshows

We actively participate in roadshows for awareness campaigns organised by city and state councils, as well as private organisations such as malls and schools.

We are eveready to contribute towards creating communities that are open to share and help each other to achieve sustainable living. 


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#GoGreen with CM ECO

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Building for Boundless Actions Nurtured Around Nature And Society

We are co-author of a review paper published in a journal under Springer Link’s SN Applied Sciences! We had met once before, bumping into each other with one of his[…]

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